St Paul Slim

St. Paul Slim is methodically quiet and prefers to sit back and observe, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Don’t write him off as shy or docile, though, because for as somber as Slim can be, he can be equally boisterous and rowdy. He’ll get in your face to deliver the harsh reality of everyday life in the inner city. Born in Chicago and raised in St. Paul, Slim’s hard past is the creative fuel powering his career. If he raps about a gun, it’s because he’s carried one. If he rhymes about gang violence, it’s because he’s dealt with it and witnessed it. “Everything’s got a lesson to it,” Slim says. Growing up during hip-hop’s heyday, Slim’s music reflects his desire to bring the genre back to those roots.
  • AKA: Meyer Warren.
  • Age: Old nuf, been in the game for a hot sec.
  • Hood: Chi City.
  • Collaborated: Atmosphere’s “Strictly Leakage,” Stophouse’s “Recession Music,” featuring Prof, Muja Messiah’s “MPLS Massacre,” and the soundtrack for the major motion picture “Justice”.
  • Performed with: MC Lyte, Cee Lo,A Tribe Called Quest, KRS-1, and Slick Rick.
  • Interests: Givin’ the people what they askin fo’.
  • Plans for the season: Head out to the mountains to hang with the FD crew.
  • Press Contact / Booking Agent: [email protected]
  • Why Virtika? Fits my style, they know what’s good!

Paul’s Skills

  • Rapping 95% 95%
  • Hosting Parties 90% 90%
  • General Thuggery 65% 65%

Paul’s Favorites