Szczepan is our first and only Polish skier on the team. Don’t feel bad, we didn’t know there were mountains or skiing there either. If you aren’t Polish, you’re probably having just as difficult of a time figuring out how to pronounce his name as we did. It’s “sha-pon”. He was born in Zakopane into a family of musicians and was considered the “black sheep” for being the only skier in the fam. He helps build his local terrain park and travels, films, and competes around the world throughout the season. Szczepan is a great addition to our team with smooth style and a deep, infectious love for skiing.
  • Instagram: @karpielbulecka
  • AKA: Pep, Stoffel, “Midget” by some friends even though I’m 178cm
  • Age: Twenty-seven.
  • Hood: Poland. Zakopane at the feet of the Tatra Mountains
  • Favorite Music: Rap, Reggae
  • Plans For The Season: Travelin’ all around the world, meeting new and old ski friends from back in the day.
  • Favorite Aspect Of Skiing: I’m still looking for it, trying to find my own way of doing things.
  • Why Virtika? Skiing and Virtika just goes together. If you’re looking for stylish and durable products Virtika the right choice.

Szczepan’s Skills

  • PARK 90% 90%
  • PARK BUILDER 100% 100%
  • BACKCOUNTRY 80% 80%

Szczepan’s Favorites